Shelby’s Food Express and Fort McMurray

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The owners at Shelby’s Food Express will contribute 5% of their profit to the Red Cross helping Canadians in Fort McMurray. The crisis affected 80,000 people who fleet away their home seeking a safe place and Shelby’s Food Express encourages businesses in London Ontario to do the same.


Shelby’s Food Express and Fort McMurray


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About Shelby's

Our story originated in our home kitchen where my mom used to cook. Over the years, she perfected the art of cooking Mediterranean food to such a level that we decided to open Shelby’s. Consequently, what started off as a food trailer in 2014 has now become a well-known restaurant in the city. With our signature homemade Saj bread, style of cooking, and fusion menu items such as Shawarma Fries (Arabian Poutine) we offer you a dining experience like never before.

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