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The vote is in, we had a shawarma fry fryoff at work on Wednesday. Between two well known and well loved places in London - without a doubt everyone is in love with Shelbys ! The perfect mixture of sauces and garlic on a great fry with amazing chicken. 3 people who never tried shawarma frys were amazed by how good this spin on a fry can be. Way to go Shelbys, you will definalty see our staff as regular customers.

Kellie Stevens Tufts Facebook Review

Drove all the way from Kitchener Waterloo to visit Shelbys, without a doubt the best chicken shawarma plate and wrap I've had in my life. Great quality and care was put into the food. Tastes very authentic and home made. The service was also on point! 6/5 stars!!

David R Nguyen Facebook Review


Shelby’s Food Express Our story originated in our home kitchen where my mom used to cook. Over the years, she perfected the art of cooking Mediterranean food to such a level that we decided to open Shelby’s. Consequently, what started

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